Poppy vs Garten of banban House escape

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Poppy vs Garten of Banban, a horror game filled with terrifying monsters and a mysterious, haunted mansion. Can you escape the clutches of the evil Garten of Banban monsters and solve the puzzles of the haunted house? In this game, you must use your bravery and quick thinking to outsmart the monsters and find a way to escape the Garten of Banban. The gameplay is easy to understand, but difficult to master as you must avoid the deadly traps set by the Garten of Banban monsters. With 120 days to escape, every move counts as you fight to survive in this horror game. Download the game now and experience the fear and thrill of the Garten of Banban. The game also includes a Minecraft mod, mobile version and chapter 2 with new monsters and challenges. You will also face off against the Poppy Playtime and Rainbow friends in this game.

use WASD keyboard Arrows in desktop and Joystick for mobile mouse click move for orientation control


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