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Play PAC-MAN, the retro arcade game you know and love! Featuring new modes, mazes, power-ups, and more! Join millions of fans eating PAC-DOTS and chomping GHOSTS in this exciting arcade classic, updated for mobile! We�ve refreshed our look & feel across the entire game! Layout updates across the HUD, main screens, store, collections, interface for all modes of play, and logic tweaks for a more streamlined and intuitive gameplay experience! We hope you enjoy our latest update! � Play the original coin-op in CLASSIC 8-BIT ARCADE MODE! How far can you get? � Journey through hundreds of original mazes in STORY MODE! � New obstacles and unique power-ups to supercharge your gameplay � Complete limited-time themed events and acquire exclusive skins in ADVENTURE MODE! � Shoot for the high score and climb the leaderboards in TOURNAMENT MODE! There�s always something new to try with weekly maze challenges and 3 difficulty modes! � Customize PAC-MAN, the GHOSTS, the Joystick, and more with unlockable customization skins Enjoy the retro arcade action and challenging fun of PAC-MAN wherever you go! Download PAC-MAN for FREE today and catch PAC-MAN Fever!

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