Noob Shooter Zombie

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You are facing an exquisite action experience! In this unique and addictive game, you have to fight against swarms of cube zombies that appear as you move along the way. Your quick reflexes and sharp shooting will be your greatest weapons for survival. At each step, you will face cube zombies armed with various weapons. Bullet chests will appear in front of you on your journey and will allow you to collect bullets that will feed your weapon. If you run out of bullets, dont worry! By attacking the katana with your weapon, you can destroy the zombies. Your goal is to destroy the entire zombie army and move on! there are 8 different exciting ma

Run W Walk S Left A Right D Shoot LEFT CLICK Sword - Katana RIGHT CLICK Bomb F Destroy all the zombies Enter into a tough competition to get the highest scores on all unlocked maps


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