Impostor Royal Run

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Our category of Among Us Games is not really known for running games and obstacle course games, which is why we are delighted that such a 3d game online has now been added here for all of you to enjoy and have tons of fun with, a game called Impostor Run, where we've had tons of fun, so why would the same not be true for you as well? In each level of the game you are being chased by the impostor, who has a knife and wants to stab you, so your goal is to go across the course and reach its finish without being caught up by him, or you will die and be forced to start the level from scratch. There will be obstacles to avoid, as well as guns shooting at you, so avoid them too. Your crewmate is going to run forward by itself, but you will have to use the right and left arrow keys in order to avoid the obstacles and traps you encounter. Each new level will have a course more difficult than the one before it, so you should also step your game up so that nothing can stand in your way. Good luck!

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