Honey Bear

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"Go into the jungle and discover the habitats of the bear! Help the bear catch the bees to get the honey from the hive. Put the honey into jars with different labels and caps. Discover the magical forest together as you jump along to collect the hives and fruits. Innovative and easy to play, the bear game engages young children with kid-friendly design. Kids will love cheerful animations and delightful surprises. Features: - Three fun learning games. - Drag the hose around to catch the bees to collect the honey. - Drag the label and cap to the right shapes of the honey jar. - Collect the beehives and fruits by jumping and running through the jungle. - Whimsical artwork and sound design - Great story-telling facts to tell children. - Perfect for young children up to 5 years old. - Safe and kid-friendly. No in-app purchase or third-party advertising.

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