Extreme Skate 5000

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Time is against the Ninja Turtles in this Extreme Skate 5000 Game! Waking up from an ambush that left them unconscious, Mike, Mondo, and Casey find themselves in New York�s notorious and reeking sewers. Low on energy and with their armors destroyed, our fearless warriors begin to search for a path back home. But where exactly did the end up? Help Mike and the others find their way back to the Lair before the enemy reaches them. Race down the echoing tunnels, but mind the traps and obstacles that are lurking from the shadows. Our villans are smart! They highjacked the galleries, making sure that our heroes won�t make it home in time. In fact, they might not even make it back at all without your help!

The game is quite straightforward you will need to use the arrow keys to control the characters Should any surprises arise in your way use the A and D keys to change Mike s direction You can t however just jump from one side to the other The r


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