155 Riot Control-(Riot Police)

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The Riot Police were alerted by intelligence! Be ready! The struggle begins! The Most Realistic in the Field and With Its Own Unique Dynamics that You have Never Experienced Before The Police Simulator Game 155 RIOT CONTROL is Live! You will take charge against the riots and illegal demonstrations taking place in the city and with the POLICE vehicle you will try to disperse the communities using water cannons and bring the situation under control. Some features; ? Realistic RIOT CONTROL vehicle. ? Improved control system. ? Improved water filling system. ? Improved siren system. ? Improved announcement system. ? Turkish voiceovers. ? Breathtaking music and sound effects. ? And many more surprise features are waiting for you. If you want to experience this experience, you can choose our game and take your place in the struggle.

Pause P Vehicle Camera Change C Vehicle Control W-A-S-D Vehicle Handbrake Space Vehicle Right Signal E Vehicle Siren Lamp H Siren1 Alpha1 Siren2 Alpha2 Siren3 Alpha3 Siren4 Alpha4 Siren5 Alpha5 Announcement1 Alpha6 Annou


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